Who´s alumni member?

The group includes former members of IAESTE Slovakia as well as employees of long-term IAESTE cooperation companies. Alumni was founded with the aim of maintaining friendships and giving gained experience and contacs to young active member.

Alumni members stand on the "other side",they are therefore IAESTE customers with this advantage that they know the "spirituality" of IAESTE and they support it. Lot of them are today highly prized experts and managers and hold important positions in business or company. Thanks to Alumni has IAESTE excellent links to the business world, which means more quality and interesting internship for the exchange program, which is the primary concern of IAESTE.

Who can become a member?

Those who already aren´t actively participating in the activities of IAESTE, but wants to continue being informed about events in IAESTE, or actively help if possible.

Members of IAESTE Alumni are those who sometimes actively participated on events in IAESTE and

  • do not want to lose their contacts to former and current colleagues or friends,
  • they want to continue supporting IAESTE through their experience and contacts from practice.

If have any common history with IAESTE then this is the right place for you. Are you a former member of IAESTE or Have you been on internship with IAESTE in the past?

If yes, please complete our contact form and we will contact you. We are looking forward to know you.