Exchange program

IAESTE is an international organization whose main objective is to ensure an exchange program for students in more than 80 countries. IAESTE is ensuring professional internships in which students have a strong interest to gain real practical experience. Internships are mainly focused on students of technical specialization and already have needed knowledge acquired while studying at universities.

How long do internships last for? ranging 6-52 weeks
In what period are the most frequent internships? in the summer - students have a "vacation" and can also "replace" employees during their holidays
For what departments / faculties are focused internships? IT, electronics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, telecommunications, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, biotechnology, architecture, economics, marketing and others
What language is possible to interact with the trainees? English (mostly), German, French, Russian, Spanish and others
What does it cost the company / institution to employ foreign students? student trainee has the right to recieve a fee that coverr the costs of accommodation, food, transportation and others
Who provides accommodation for students? IAESTE Slovakia (if possible, also company / institution can)
Who cares about the student in his spare time and how? Members IAESTE Slovakia for foreign trainees organize various cultural, sports, sightseeing activities (international weekends in Prague, Vienna, Tatras, summer rafting on the Vltava river, etc.)

Why get involved in the exchange program?

  • The student is highly motivated to work, learn
  • Trainee is chosen based on your requirements
  • The possibility to extend the language skills of your employees
  • Opportunity to make new contacts with young professionals from other countries
  • To obtain direct information about culture and technology from other countries

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