Exchange program

The main mission of IAESTE A.s.b.l is to offer the students an international work experience in form of a traineeship. Such traineeships in companies or academic institutions offer them to broaden their professional and language knowledge, get new friendships and contacts and gain valuable work experience, which they can use in their future jobs. Thanks to the IAESTE more than 5000 students can take part in the exchange program abroad.

IAESTE offers 3 kinds of traineeships:

What should I do to participate in the exchange program?

  • Come to our language test and pass it. It is organized in november
  • Choose from our offer of traineeships in february
  • Travel abroad :)

How much will it cost?

  • Language test fee (2€)
  • Traineeship fee (132€)
  • In case that you are not accepted by the company or university abroad, you'll get the traineeship fee refunded – so you have nothing to loose

What are the benefits of the IAESTE exchange program?

  • Possibility to travel to more than 85 countries of the world
  • Improvement of language skills (You use the foreign language during the time spent abroad)
  • Enrichment of your professional knowledge (You work on a real project in a lab, company or terrain)
  • Knowing of new cultures (not only the culture of the country you work in, but also the culture of other trainees you meet there)
  • Traineeship financial reward compensating at least the costs of lodging and food
  • Accommodation, work permits and other documents are managed by IAESTE
  • Certificate of participation from the exchange program