Conference offers

What is the conference offer?
It is the most common traineeship organized by IAESTE.

What does the name stand for?
IAESTE members meet every year in January at the Annual conference. During this conference, the countries exchange the traineeship offers among each other. After this conference the applying students can choose from the obtained offers.

What am I supposed to do to get a conference traineeship?
Students who are interested in getting a conference traineeship should participate in the language test, taking place once a year in November at every local committee. After the annual conference in January national meeting of IAESTE Slovakia takes place the traineeships are assigned to the most successful candidates.


What traineeship will be assigned to me?
The candidates can choose up to three traineeships they are interested in and sorts them according to his priorities. This choice is binding, so the candidate pays a refundable deposit 33€ (per person, not per traineeship). The deposit can be refunded if :

  • if no traineeship is assigned to the candidate
  • after the traineeship and delivering us of all requested documents.

What if a traineeship was assigned to me?
The accepted candidates pay the traineeship fee (which will be fully refunded if they are not accepted by the company or academic institution abroad), obtain the traineeship nomination documentation. They fill the nomination and bring it together with their motivation letter, CV, studied course lists and other required documents (certificates, recomendations etc.) to our local committee. The acadamical institution or company in the host country then reviews all the provided documents and decides if it accepts the applicant.

Documents necessary for application for the conference trineeship:

  1. Scanned WO from the host country (Form “O” - a pink sheet of paper)
  2. nomination document (manual for filling)
  3. motivation letter (hints for its preparation)
  4. structured CV (manual)
  5. list of passed courses at the university
  6. confirmation of language knowledge (for traineeships in Germany)
  7. scanned passport and a photograph
  8. confirmation of attendace (from the university)

In case you have recomendation documents from you previous traineeships or jobs, diplomas, language certificates etc., it is recommended to attache them, too. It is desirable to prepare the documents in English language (or German language, if German language is required).

If you were accepted for a traineeship in Germany use the original Nomination form obtained from IAESTE, not the electronic version available at our website.

What process follows after the acceptation?
After the acceptation the student receives the acceptance documents N/5-a, N/5-b and „IAESTE Insurance and liability policy“. Document N/5-a is an official confirmation of the acceptation. The other two documents are then sent back and contain information on your arrival and insurance.

I have just finished the traineeship. What should I do not?
Within 30 days after your traineeship you are required to fill in the following reports:

  1. Report on completion of the traineeship abroad.
  2. Fill in Trainees Report.
  3. Fill in Request of the deposit refund.

After IAESTE Slovakia receives these documents, the deposit will be refunded and the confirmation of the passed traineeship will be sent to the trainee.

What to do I the host company did not accept me?
The applicants who were not accepted can check out our post-conference offers.