Language test

The fist step to take to get the the internship is to pass the language test which takes place every year in November in the towns where IAESTE Slovakia has its local committees. Then there is the annual conference in January where the traineeship offers are exchanged. The exchanged traineeships are then assigned to the most succesful candidates in February.

Days of language tests:


Written part:

  • 4.11.2015 (Wednesday) room AB-150 - 18:00 at FEI STU
  • 5.11.2015 (Thursday) room S-4 - 18:00 at Sjf STU

Oral part:

  • 18.11.2015 (Wednesday) room AB-150 - 18:00 at FEI STU
  • 19.11.2015 (Thursday) room S-4 - 18:00 at Sjf STU


  • 24.11.2015 (Tuesday) room 412 in the building BN32 at 17:00
  • 25.11.2015 (Wednesday) room 412 in the building BN32 at 17:00


  • 24.11 (Tuesday) 18:00 room NR1

Register at:

List of points to get for the evaluation:

Language test – written part Max 25 points
Language test – oral part Max 25 points
Average of the grades from the exams at the university Max 30 points
Membership in IAESTE Max 30 points
A traineeship for a foreign student in a Slovak company 50 points
Discount on the traineeship fee At least 25% discount

Process of the language test

  1. First an oral part of the language test takes place. You can choose from 4 languages. English and German are the main languages while Spanish and French language are supplementary. You have 1 hour for each test. It is recommended to take part at the test from each language which you speak at least a little. Sometimes some of international companies requiere the students speaking more languages. For example excelent English and fair Spanish.

  2. One week later your language skills are evaluated by language teachers who hold a conversation with you. The topic of the conversation depends on their choice. The point of it is to estimate how well you can held a colloquial speech in that language. Only English and German tests have the oral part.

  3. Študenti, ktorí sa zúčastnia jazykového testu sa musia registrovať na stránke (Návod na podanie prihlášky)

  4. All the candidates have a special possibility to increase dramaticly the probability of getting the internship. The point is to find a traineeship for a foreign students in a company in a town where IAESTE Slovakia has its local committees. So if you find such company, contact your local committee and it will manage all the administration instead of you (contract, specifications on candidate etc.)

    The traineeships have their requirements:

    • it should take from 6 to 52 weeks (if it's shorter it is highly recommended to organize it during the summer months)
    • financial reward for the student is at least 400€ per month

    You can find more information in the section Exchange program.
    The candidate can get 50 points, but a certain basic language knowledge is required anyway (at least 26 points)

  5. For each found internship the students can get a discount from the traineeship fee:
1st found internship 50 points + 0% discount
2nd found internship 50 points + 25% discount
3rd found internship 50 points + 50% discount
4th found internship 50 points + 75% discount
5th found internship 50 points + 100% discount