Post-conference offers

The candidates can apply for the post-conference offers during the whole year without taking part in the language test in November. The oral part of the text is held by an IAESTE member in form of a short conversation.
It is necessary to react on the offers immediately, since the traineeships are published also in the other IAESTE member countries. Note that the rule “First come, first-served” applies in the process. The traineeship fee is 165,- €, but it is applicable after the candidate is accepted.

In case you are interested, send us an email with subject containing the internship reference number, name the reasons why you are interested and attach your CV. You'll be contacted about the next steps to be taken. If the traineeship is still available, please send your nomination with the rest of the nomination documents to our email address

Only the students of the universities and recently graduated can go for the traineeships. The trainees in Germany are supposed to be students during all their internship.

List of current post-conference traineeships

Documents needed for application fot the post-conference offers:

  1. Nomination paper (manual for filling)
  2. Motivation letter (hints for its preparation)
  3. Structured CV (manual)
  4. List of passed courses at the university
  5. Confirmation of language knowledge (for traineeships in Germany)
  6. Scanned passport and a photograph

In case you have recomendation documents from you previous traineeships or jobs, diplomas, language certificates etc., it is recommended to attache them, too. It is desirable to prepare the documents in English language (or German language, if German language is required).

If you were accepted for a traineeship in Germany use the original Nomination form obtained from IAESTE, not the electronic version available at our website.