Become a member

Some of our projects are unique in some ways. Very often we even compete with professional providers of similar services, though we are “just” students of universities without the expected education, specialization and experience. We offer you the possibility to join us and participate on these activities in our organization.

There are several way how to participate:

  • you can participate in the preparation of our personal projects like catalogue Katalóg Job, job fair Dni príležitostí or the the internet job fair Online Carrier Fair,
  • administration of our websites, is also a very important task,
  • many students from around the world come to our local committies to have their traineeship. We prepare them the whole summer program containing various trips etc. A great benefit is to talk to them in a foreign language, so you can improve this skill, too.,
  • propagation of IAESTE, our projects and our activities is a serious role, too. We design all the promotion materials (posters, bulletins, t-shirts or billboards) ourselves. We give you a chance to show your creativity, prepare your own advertising campaign and design the look of all the things which present us

If you wish to get more information contact our local commitee president or just come to our office and we'll answer your questions. If you want to become one of us, fill in the following questionnaire.

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