STUDY LEVEL Beginning, Middle, End
SPECIALIZATION Application Development Computer Science
LANGUAGES English - Excellent ()
WORK OFFERED Internship Computer VISION Developer The company is a computer vision company that redefines the capabilities of cameras with real-time 2D and 3D algorithms. As the leading pioneer in software 3D camera technology,Their mission is to bring 3D capturing to every consumer by making 3D content creation as easy as taking a video. Their software 3D camera helps scale existing 3D use cases to consumers with app-based scanning and enables novel experiences for Augmented and Virtual Reality headsets. Your tasks! As an intern at Dacuda you will have the opportunity to develop products that are used by large amount of end users. You will shape the next product generations (SLAM Scan® technology for computer mice, webcams, mobile phones etc.). Your tasks will vary from the development and implementation of efficient image stitching algorithms to solving challenging optimization problems. Your skills! Dacuda is seeking for the duration of at least four months a Software Developer. Apart from your curiosity, your communication skills and your ability to work in teams, you should meet the following requirements: • MSc or BSc in Computer Science • Computer vision know-how and understanding of correspondence problems in 2D and 3D like image registration, image stitching, optical flow, tracking, or stereo vision • Good programming skills in C++ • Familiar with programming libraries • Knowledge of Qt, Python, CMake, OpenCV, Boost Requirements for Programming Example Here are some guidelines: - If you write some code just to show us how you program, it's usually too simple. - If it's a code you did during a programming course, it's usually too simple. - If it contains only 200-300 lines, it's probably too short. - If possible the code should make use of 'STL', 'Boost' and one more Object Oriented features like 'inheritance', 'polymorphism', 'templates', .. If you can send a complete c++ project it is easier to judge for us. If you are not allowed to send out the full project, a part of it - some files containing some C++ classes - is also ok. We can still see how the project is structured and encapsulated. It doesn't have to compile and run, but it's much better than a complete program performing a single and simple action (like detect some kind of objects from an image).
DURATION 26 - 52 weeks
AVAILABLE PERIOD 31.12.2016 - 30.5.2018
CATEGORY Professional
Research & Development
Working Environment
Non specific
Payment Frequency
OTHER REQUIREMENTS Please NOTE: only applicatons with a programming example can be considered for this nomination., EMPLOYER PREFERS LONGER INTERNSHIP, more than half a year!