Trainee report

This report is meant to help evaluate your IAESTE placement. You are requested to give your impressions about your traineeship.

Was your training in accordance with the experience offered?
Was the payment sufficient to cover the cost of living and provide some pocket money?
Did you have any influence on the training program?
How would you describe your relations with management and other employees?
Was your knowledge in the required language good enough?
Was the information from / contact with your IAESTE Office in your own country to your satisfaction?
Did the over-all performance of your sending country satisfy you?
Did the over-all performance of your receiving country satisfy you?
Did you complete a special project?
For your company?
For your university?
Do you expect to get credit for this experience from your university/college?
Would you recommend this offer for next year’s exchange?
Would you be interested in assisting with incoming students in next year’s exchange?
May we forward your name and address to next year’s student, if requested?
Were you required to pay a fee to IAESTE in your country?
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