The Common Passenger #4: Trial by Kumis

What is hidden in the wild asian steppes of Kazakhstan? In this episode our guest Christian Pyerin will tell you his stories from there. You will learn more about people living the way their ancestors used to, making friends in the places too far away from the popular tourist destinations and, of course, tasting the horse milk (kumis) - the traditional kazakh drink. We will also discuss the way travelling and participating in international programmes can help you get even more experience abroad.

Host: Anton Fediushin
Guest: Christian Pyerin
Moderator: Alžbeta Lelková

The Common Passenger #3: Hidden Passage to a Chilean Waterfall

The way to the best sights might be tough, but our guest Linda Kolb is up for the challenge. Come and listen to the tale of her adventures in Chile, the southern american country that is shaped like a chilli pepper. From the coldest nights to the hottest barbecues with her colleagues, who cannot distinguish Austria from Australia, there is a lot to talk about. We will also discuss her living after that life-changing internship: her activities in IAESTE Austria and her professional growth.

Host: Anton Fediushin
Guest: Linda Kolb
Moderator: Alžbeta Lelková

The Common Passenger #2: From New York trainee to National Secretary

I want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep, sings Sinatra, but was he actually right? That’s one of the questions we want to know the answer to. Our next guest is Lubica Komarova, the National Secretary of IAESTE Slovakia and trainee in the USA in 2018. She will be talking about her year in New York, people she met, amazing food and, of course, about her job in IAESTE. This and much more awaits you in our second podcast.

Host: Anton Fediushin
Guest: Lubica Komarova
Moderator: Alžbeta Lelková

The Common Passenger #1 with Jakub Voříšek

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in Africa? Come and join Tono’s conversation with Jakub, who went on an internship to Nigeria. He spent two months in Benin City and Ota, working on a project in architecture. Some time after that he joined IAESTE Slovakia and became a president of the Local Committee in Bratislava. You will also find out more about this country through his eyes, and learn more about this country’s culture and art, as well as his relationship with locals.

Host: Anton Fediushin
Guest: Jakub Voříšek
Moderator: Alžbeta Lelková

IAESTE SLOVAKIA International Hiking Weekend 2019 - Aftermovie

SK: International Hiking Weekend sa každoročne koná vo Vysokých Tatrách. Usporadúva ho IAESTE Slovensko ako svoj Summer Reception event pre stážistov z rôznych krajín. V roku 2019 sme sa vybrali na túru na Téryho chatu.

EN: Every year IAESTE Slovakia is organizing a Summer Reception event called International Hiking Weekend, which takes place in the High Tatras. In 2019 we went to Téryho chalet with interns from many different countries.

IAESTE Step to Jump 2019

SK: Najlepšie zábery z najväčšej teambuildingovej akcie IAESTE Slovakia, ktorá nesie názov Step to Jump. Každoročne sa na nej stretávajú všetci od našich alumni členov až po najnovších kandidátov.

EN: The highlights from the largest teambuilding event of IAESTE Slovakia, called Step to Jump. Every year, everyone from our alumni members to the newest candidates meets there.

iKariéra Dni Príležitosti Jar 2017 v Žiline - MDŽ prekvapenie

My v IAESTE pracujeme ako jeden TÍM, lebo veríme, že spolu dokážeme VIAC. Aj preto si vážime ako člena nášho tímu každú jednu firmu, s ktorou môžeme v rámci našich veľtrhov spolupracovať.
Pri príležitosti MDŽ, ktorý vyšiel práve v deň nášho veľtrhu v Žiline sme si preto pre každú dámu v zastupujúcej firme prekvapili takéto prekvapenie! :)

IAESTE Košice | Teambuilding - TATRY Hrebienok 2017

As you can see in the video, IAESTE members are not only very active, responsible and good workers but We are also funsters :D We love travelling, entertainment and do crazy things as others "normal" students and people do :P Because IAESTE is the BEST! :) ENJOY and Have Fun :D


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